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Greg Raises Concerns about Local NHS Services

Local MP Sir Greg Knight has complained to the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) about recent failures and shortcomings concerning the operation of the 8 to 8 service at Driffield Hospital.

“In a number of cases the service has failed completely or has been found wanting” says Greg “and as the CCG assured everyone that their changes were not about saving money, I want to know wahy the new service is not delivering as promised.”

“I am urging the CCG to respond positively." Greg adds.

Burlington School Visit Westminster

Students from Burlington Junior School have paid a visit to their local MP Greg Knight at Westminster.

The students were given a tour of the Palace of Westminster and they also visited the Queen’s robing room, the Royal Gallery and Westminster Hall.

After the tour they met East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg who explained how laws are made and how Parliament works before being quizzed by the students about the work of an MP.

Sir Greg said: “I was delighted to meet the students and explain the workings of Parliament. I believe that it is important that children visit Westminster so that they learn about how are laws are made before they reach voting age.”

He added: “I was very impressed with the interesting and varied questions from the students and pleased to see their interest in our democracy”.

Beeford Waste Plant - Appeal Abandoned

It has been announced that the applicant for a waste plant near the village of Beeford has decided to abandon the appeal against the refusal of planning permission by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council for a huge anaerobic digester.

Local MP Sir Greg said: “The proposal was far too big and was in the wrong place. I am therefore delighted that the misguided plans to lodge an appeal against refusal of planning permission have been dropped”.

Sir Greg adds: “I hope this is now the end of the matter and that the applicant does not seek to submit a further application for a slightly modified proposal on the same site. The local community is united in their opposition to such plans.”

Knight Meets Local Farmers

Our local MP Sir Greg Knight has met with local farmers and National Farmers Union representatives in Driffield to discuss issues of concern.

The meeting, organised by the NFU, covered a wide range of issues from bird flu to Brexit.

Sir Greg thanked the NFU for organising the meeting and said the tone was ‘positive and constructive’. He agreed to take up a number of the issues raised by farmers with DEFRA minister George Eustice MP.

Sir Greg said, “It is vital that we have good farming policy not only because of the jobs that farming provides both here in East Yorkshire and across the country but for its crucial contribution Britain’s food and drink industry and for our food security”.

AGM Held

The 2017 Annual General Meeting of the East Yorkshire Constituency Conservative Association has taken place in Driffield.

The meeting, held in March, was well attended by members who were given an upbeat constituency report by outgoing Chairman Cllr Andy Burton.

After the meeting Sir Greg Knight MP spoke about the current political situation before answering questions.

The event was also attended by former MEP Lord Kirkhope.

Help for Road Maintenance

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has been allocated £690,000 from the Government's Pothole Action Fund for 2016/17.

Councillor Andy Burton, who is the portfolio holder for planning, highways and transportation said: 'This is excellent news and comes on top of the recent announcement that the Council has secured £16.7 million for additional maintenance on A roads in the area.'

'This extra funding reflects our commitment to provide a safe and efficient local road network for drivers.'

The news was also welcomed by East Yorkshire MP, Sir Greg Knight, who said: 'The extra funding for highway maintenance reflects the hard work undertaken by the Council and the commitment of the Government and I am pleased that the extra money will be used to permanently fix potholes in the area.'

The Government's 2015 spending review included an announcement that money was being set aside for a dedicated Pothole Action Fund over a period of five years beginning in 2016 and the Government are delivering on this commitment.

Note: residents can report potholes on-line at www.fixmystreet.com or via the East Riding of Yorkshire Council directly at its website. You need to look for the report section and there is an on-line form at 'report a pothole'.

Senior Minister Visits East Yorkshire

The Leader of the House of Commons, Chris Grayling MP, has visited East Yorkshire

Mr Grayling came to Driffield at the request of East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight. During his visit he spoke about the reforms the Government are introducing and the economic progress being achieved under the new Conservative Government.

Mr Grayling was the guest speaker at our Annual Dinner. Afterwards he answered questions from the audience and met members.

Pictured, the Rt Hon Chris Grayling Leader of the House of Commons with our MP Sir Greg Knight MP and local councillors.

MPs Look at Coastal Erosion

Following a request from East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight for the Minister with responsibility for coastal erosion to visit East Yorkshire, Rory Stewart MP, Environment Minister at the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, came yesterday to meet Sir Greg and representatives from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Mr Stewart, who said he wanted to see for himself the extent of the erosion, was praised by Sir Greg for taking the time and trouble of travelling to Skipsea and Ulrome to view the situation.

After viewing the coastline and seeing the extent of the erosion, the Minister afterwards discussed the situation with Sir Greg, Cllr Symon Fraser and Alan Menzies, Head of Planning and Development at the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Environment Minister Rory Stewart said: "I would like to thank Sir Greg Knight and other members of the community for their time on this important issue.

"I am committed to supporting communities such as Skipsea who are impacted by coastal erosion.

"That's why over the next six years we will invest over 1bn to manage coastal flooding and erosion, better protecting 15,000 homes"

Having seen the problem for himself, the Minister will now hold discussions with his officials and he has agreed that this will be followed by a meeting in Whitehall involving the Minister and his team together with Sir Greg, East Riding Councillors and Council officials, on a date later this year, yet which has yet to be agreed.

Sir Greg Knight MP (left) with Minister Rory Stewart MP (right) and officials looking at the erosion of the East Yorkshire Coast.

Knight Backs Dairy Farmers

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is one of the sponsors of a Parliamentary motion highlighting the importance of the UK dairy industry and calling on the big supermarkets to pay a fair price at the farmgate for milk.

The motion also calls on the Government to work with the big supermarkets to ensure farmers get a fair deal and to put British dairy farming on a sustainable footing.

Sir Greg said: “Locally produced, high quality dairy products are part of our food heritage and help contribute to a healthy, well balanced diet”.

“Many dairy farmers are struggling and the supermarkets need to play fair”, he added.

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